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    Kicked from Factom Discord?

    I agree.
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    Kicked from Factom Discord?

    Guys, please let's not do this 😖 I have mod powers here but there is no guidance or precedent on what I can/can't do and I have absolutely no desire to start setting that precedent right now. Nothing constructive or beneficial is happening here. Just move on.
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    Q2 2020 Report

    It has been a busy quarter for Factoshi. I'll get straight to it. Governance 1. Batched amendments Factoshi collaborated with other ANOs to introduce a successful amendment that allows batched amendments to be made to our governance documents. This change makes the process of sweeping...
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    Network Restart Proposal: Feedback Requested

    The issue is one of timing. Every node must be restarted within seconds of each other, so an automated system is required.
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    Network Restart Proposal: Feedback Requested

    Accessing the admin panel is something I had not yet considered. It may be possible to get the admin panel over the same websocket connection as everything else. The admin panel continuously polls factomd, so the challenge there is probably around how to correctly route those requests. I don't...
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    Network Restart Proposal: Feedback Requested

    Thanks for the feedback, Who. Your input is much appreciated. I have given some thought to the security model of the coordinator. I wanted to avoid maintaining a list of API keys. Instead, I wondered about the possibility of using asymmetric cryptography to sign messages using the private key...
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    Network Restart Proposal: Feedback Requested

    I have begun to sketch an initial proposal to improve our ability to restart the network when it enters a paused state. The proposal I present here is not final and nor do I believe that it is the "best" method. However, I do believe it would be an improvement and, more to the point, it is...
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    Successful [Factoshi-2] Stats Daemon and Public API

    The API is now out of beta. The interface is stable and the API is ready to receive requests from production applications. This marks the completion of this grant. If you missed it, the documentation for the API is here: To recap, there were 4 success criteria for...
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    New Version of Launched

    Factoshi is pleased to announce the launch of new Factom and PegNet stats and metrics on The new version has the following features. Historical Factoid, entry credit, PegNet address stats. Historical entry credit price. Historical grant pool size in USD. Average ANO efficiency...
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    Merge the success determination of the current Factom Inc. Development grant with the next grant

    I think he is referring to where WB and I both suggested an ordinary extension would be acceptable: Rolling it up with the core dev grant that is about to commence isn't really necessary. I don't understand why that is preferable to what we routinely do for grants that need more time.
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    Late [Factom Inc.-24] Protocol Development

    I'm not sure I understand. Are you asking us to roll up success determination for two grants into a single success determination? Or are you asking for a simple extension? If you were to ask for an extension for this grant so that you can still do the work pledged under it, then I don't think I...
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    Vote Anton Ilzheev from De Facto Removed Standing for BI Foundation

    Dundee, I need to put a moderator hat on here. You've crossed the line from criticising to deliberately antagonising. Please let's not turn this into another Discord situation. Behave yourself or you will be banned. I'm giving you a chance here.
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    Successful [Factoshi-2] Stats Daemon and Public API

    I am pleased to announce that the API has been released in open beta. You can see the documentation here: People are free to begin using the API. However, it is possible that any of the interfaces may change without warning, so I encourage anyone using it to be...
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    BlockVenture Initiatives & Efficiency Drop

    I feel rather uncomfortable with this. Two months ago, I asked: You replied: I understand that this was somewhat vague and left the door open for a lower efficiency at a later date. That's fine. However, you were promoted to the authority set only very recently. You haven't even had 3 weeks...
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    Successful [Factoshi-2] Stats Daemon and Public API

    Before I provide an update, I would just like to say thank you to the standing parties for awarding my grant. I appreciate the trust you have placed in me. So, as per my grant proposal, I have already been working on this for the past month. The project can broadly be split into two phases...