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    Marketing Working Group

    Totally agree that we need to pay more attention to marketing role in Factom protocol. As an only ANO in Asia, we always try to figure out how we could best drive value to Factom, especially in marketing perspective. During Q1, we have translated qualified articles about factom and posted on...
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    Proposal to trim ANO numbers

    Thanks for Colin to bring this important topic to our attention. As far as i understand, the core purpose of this proposal can be conclude on improving the efficiency of protocol through trim back ANO numbers. Totally agree to the original purpose here, but kindly suggest to take more...
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    Vote Mike Buckingham from Cube3 Reaffirmed Standing for HashQuark

    Hi Mike, We are so appreciate of your kind word and standing for HashQuark. We will continue to try our best drive value to Factom in the future. Also, please stay safe and healthy during this difficulty time. 💪
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    AMA is a good way to active the community and HashQuark just finished an AMA which is Factom-focused AMA session on March 26 jointly with Camille, a quite popular blockchain KOL in China. The session was concurrently held in two WeChat groups where our senior analyst Yangyu explored 14 issues...
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    Factomatic stepping down as a sponsor for Factom Inc. Core Dev grant

    Hi Valentin, HashQuark support this initiative~
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    Proposal to allow ANOs to resign and receive 5,000 FCT

    Not really sure will support it or not yet. What we need to make clearly is that the reason behind this initiative. If we think some ANOs do not contribute a lot, alternatively we can remove standing for them and then they will be force to leave when their support is lower than 40% which seems...
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    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    HashQuark support this initiative. However, two aspects that we need to take into consideration. One is the side effect or potential risks if too many ANOs drop to 1 server. Another is more choices for ANOs. For example, ANOs could choose to reduce the efficiency once they drop to 1 server.
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    Proposal to require ANOs to "check in" every two weeks during the global pandemic

    Thank you David to bring this world issue to our attention currently which also remind all of us to keep safe! In terms of specific plan you mentioned above, i also kindly suggest to loss standing instead of just to remove standing if sys admin fails to do their duty which also seems not hard to...
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    Proposed certificate product based on Factom

    As a pioneer staking provider, HashQuark has already cooperated with over 30 public chains and has been active participating in PoS communities. We're going to be working on a certificate product based on Factom due to internally mass data management and external audit requirements. We will...
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    Implementing change to the Guides as Standing Parties

    To some extent, I'll go with Mike's points as well. Here i want to underline the last point " To do the above within a specific timescale". It seems not very much related to our topic here but always deserve our attention since we will never really improve our governance work if we don't...
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    Vote Brooke Glew from Matters Gave Standing for HashQuark

    @Brooke Glew , appreciate of your standing. We will try our best to increase involvement and output for the protocol. Besides actively participate in governance matters and discussions , publish our quarterly report on a regular basis and we will also held some markets events to promote the...
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    How to deal with votes cast by an ANO or Guide who later resigns

    I'll go with 2 and support to reduce the count of standing once current standing is ended. There will be less motivation for them to contribute to system if they are no longer an ANO which will reduce the efficiency in turn.
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    ANO Standing System Feedback and Questions

    Thanks for your kind remind and hope it looks well now. Please feel free to let me know if i can do any favor here.