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    Successful [Bedrock Solutions-De Facto-Crypto Logic-The Factoid Authority-6] Factom Open Node Continuity

    Grant completed and now put up for determination. We think we have Achieved the intention of grant and will score it "6" ourselves. See above post for statistic for last month. Please see below for score ranking: best regards, Open Node team
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    Unawarded [Colin Campbell-1] FIP 2 - Distributed network restart

    We will not be able to support grant at this point in time duee to large grant competition. Also agree that bounty will not be picked up for some time so will just make less fct available for pool in this round. It is though very important and we would like to see a grant to specifically solve...
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    Funded [Who-6] Core and General Development

    Cryptologic will support grant based on Whos previus performance. Will appreciate if grant awarded that good reporting on progress like done before by david is also continued in future.
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    Funded [LUCIAP-2] ChockaBlock: open-sourcing and upgrade

    CryptoLogic will support grant. It is important part of infrastructure of testing new features and also regression testing new releases.
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    Funded [Factom Inc.-2] Protocol Development

    Can you please write how you have done this so far, and how you will work towards this under this grant period?
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    Funded [Bedrock Solutions-De Facto-The Factoid Authority-Crypto Logic-2] Factom Open Node System

    Executive Summary We’re requesting a grant for continuity of operating load-balanced community courtesy Mainnet nodes hosted at Previous Grants
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    Amendment Batched Amendment - Removal of Guides from Governance

    Thank you Factoshi and WB for putting documents up for approval. got one issue with doc 107 (grant process) in 4.3.1. It state that vote for final grant amount must complete before conclusion of grant round and that would be wrong as it is concluded by funds being paid out. It has to be...
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    Maybe just run it for a week? We should all be supposed to participate not only for 2-3 days but show up to answer any lagging questions and most likely will be follow up questions etc. we will participate too. timing: maybe announce it in 1-2 days and start it next monday?
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    ANO Application

    Just want to stop by and say welcome. Glad to see new applicant! can you please give example of how you will present Factom to entrepreneurs and on what level they would implement Factom? Are you just going to give broad overwiew or do technical presentation explaining how it can be used in...
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    Proposal to allow ANOs to resign and receive 5,000 FCT

    We will consider taking such severance package. It make sense from business perspective considering our high efficiency as it will enable us to recoupp investment over shorter time perspective with lower risk and costs. If it helps protocol with saving costs medium term maybe good for both...
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    Amendment DOC 002 administration of governance- and community documents

    Ok, we got no input from any @Guides or any one else since asking before weekend. Because of this we will go with current version of proposed document which iss the one with suggestion from us, @Alex and @Samuel Vanderwaal (thank you). since not got edit access we cannot create a...
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    Amendment DOC 002 administration of governance- and community documents

    Thank for input Mike, Miguel and Matthias. in principle agree that generic terms should be used, but think it is not best idea to integrate it right now. There is not 1:1 mapping between current DOC001 governance document and actual current standing parties so how we know which ones are...
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    Amendment DOC 002 administration of governance- and community documents

    thank you @Alex and @Samuel Vanderwaal. @David Chapman if amendment pass, can you please confirm factomize will update vote functionality for amend/ratify document to remove guides? Any have input if required support shall be 3/5 (as is now) or 70% of ANOs?
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    Amendment DOC 002 administration of governance- and community documents

    thank for good feedback Mike. about discussion above (Paul, Niels), think do doc 002 first is best because it is the thing that defines who is able to amend governance. If guides votes in favor of make change to that document with implication that it is first step in remove their position then...