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    Vote David Chapman from Factomize Removed Standing for HashnStore

    Hi David, First let me start with one thing: I think it is a pretty bad timing. This vote for removing your standing for us makes look your precedent vote as opportunistic in the grant round context. I can tell you one thing David : we would have voted for your grants even if you had removed...
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    Vote Michael Lam from Factable Solutions Gave Standing for HashnStore

    Thanks Michael, Thanks Factable for your support. I understand you dont want to give any Carte Blanche and that is completely logical and healthy for our ecosystem. We have indeed decrease our efficiency to help ourselves develop our solution. We are currently in contact with a middle size...
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    Vote Anton Ilzheev from De Facto Gave Standing for HashnStore

    Thanks Anton for yor support. We are trying to follow your track ;) We are excited to test our Validity solution with the market! It will need some extra development to adapt to some particular needs but we hope to be able to start bringing usage on Factom this year.
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    Vote Jason Gregoire from Kompendium Gave Standing for HashnStore

    Thanks Jason and thanks Kompendium for your support. We have been quite busy these last weeks particularly with the courses we are giving on blockchain technology in a computer science school (see here for more info). I did not expect this to take such a large part of my time. Now I have...
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    Vote Benjamin Dufty from The Factoid Authority Gave Standing for HashnStore

    Hi Benjamin, Hi TFA team, Thank you very much for your support and for understanding we are promoting the protocol on different fronts. That is much appreciated. I guess you know how much energy needs to be deployed to do so. I understand you want some proofs and results of the courses we are...
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    Question for HashnStore from David Chapman

    Thank you David for initiating this Q&A. Before answering your question a word about the “critical” aspect you are speaking of. I do think that our ecosystem will have succeeded the day any ANO is no more critical to the protocol success the same way any massive enterprise/project success is...
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    ANO Standing System Feedback and Questions

    1) I am not sure to like the vouching idea for 2 reasons: you can already provide explicit support through a post in the contribution section. A bit less visible I guess but at least it can be justified with an explanation. Which is the second reason why I don't like it so much. We want more...
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    Funded [Exchange Committee-2] Exchange Working Group - 001

    HashnStore supports this increase to 30k FCT in the current market conditions (Hopefully they will last). This exchange topic is clearly an "all or nothing" thing. 6 figures number can be a game changer for getting a big and well-known exchange while a 5 figures number is not really helpful for...
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    HashnStore: Q4 2019 Update

    All, You can read our Q4 2019 Update here (link to be updated). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is our Update for Q4 2019. Infrastructure Contributions HashnStore continues...
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    [SPHEREON-005] Factom® Badges

    Thanks @Niels Klomp for this update. When you say it is using Factom right now do you mean that Factom is used as a timestamp proof or the Badges are litteraly recorded on Factom? As Valentin, I am also interested in an example entry. Moreover, you mention an open source verify application...
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    Should ANOs go down to one server?

    Then I would have prefered no ANO focus analysis if the analysis is not exhaustive and not as objective as possible. I think I have made my point why this is important in my post. So please understand this is important.
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    Should ANOs go down to one server?

    Hi all, Thanks for this thread. First, I would like to react on the tag from Tor for HNS. I appreciate your investigations but maybe you should have gone a bit further in the analysis: first, you have commented the situation of a selective set (based on what?) of ANOs and second, please do not...
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    Successful [DBGrow-Factom-001] FAT Smart Contracts

    Hi @Julian Fletcher-Taylor If by any chance you managed to complete this section (in-band out-of-band concept ) of your report could you let me know? I would like to use these concepts to possibly introduce the differences between smart contract approaches when introducing Factom to students in...
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    [DBGrow-004] FAT Development 3

    Hi @Devon Katz Hi @Tor Paulsen If I am remember correctly the audit report was the only thing missing to put this grant for final determination? Am I correct?
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    HashnStore: Q3 2019 Update - Launch of the Validity Website and efficiency decrease

    Hello Niels, No but it will use open source standards for interoperability as far as possible. Maybe not from the ground as these standards are still to be defined but asap.