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    2020.2 Grant Pool Valuation

    That’s a great point that I overlooked... the bug bounties. For my calculator, I’ll add in the 1% buffer for future calculations. In the past as guides we used buffers but wasn’t sure which buffer to use. 1% seems appropriate. I’ll also work to code in the bug bounties and any “escrow” type...
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    2020.2 Grant Pool Valuation

    Grant round 2020.2 is fully upon us and we do not yet have the final amount agreed to. I am proposing this two day discussion followed by a 36 hour voting period to determine the final amount for grant round. Based upon my grant pool calculator, I am seeing: Current block: 244175 Current...
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    Strategic Restart Proposal

    Thank you for initiating this discussion, Matt. Here is the link to the document I was working on. It lists past SBIR funding opportunities filtered for the word "blockchain". This list is not all-inclusive and only shows a sliver of the funding opportunities that exist outside of the Factom...
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    Amendment Batched Amendment - Removal of Guides from Governance

    I updated Doc 107 to reflect grant round amount must be determined and approved prior to grant round voting commencing: The amount of Factoids to be issued at the conclusion of the grant round will be determined by the Standing Parties through automation or by any appointed individual and a...
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    Amendment Batched Amendment - Removal of Guides from Governance

    Thanks @CryptoLogic for reviewing the documents. I think your discovery of doc 107 is accurate and I would suggest we edit it to reflect available FCT be approved prior to voting, not round closure. As for what to do should the standing parties not approve the available FCT? I would assume the...
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    Proposal to trim ANO numbers

    It’s unfortunate we don’t have staking implemented. Assuming ANOs have bags accumulated, the ones that voluntarily step down would be able to transfer their voting power to staking instead if we went that way. Moot point though, so let’s figure out how to move forward.
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    Proposal to trim ANO numbers

    Good call, Colin. The terms of voluntarily stepping down would likely drive the consideration.
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    Proposal to trim ANO numbers

    Do we have any takers to voluntarily stepping down? Is this something that would be better served in private? The results will eventually be publicly known and there is no harm or foul if anyone is evaluating stepping down. I think the concern is anyone who voices their intention (or even...
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    Vote Colin Campbell from Federate This Removed Standing for VBIF

    Thank you, Colin. Please see our update here to get an idea of the things we have been working on this last quarter. This coming quarter I will be actively working with the governance committee to help facilitate some of the needed changes to our governance model. We're open to supporting in...
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    Vote David Kuiper from Bedrock Solutions Removed Standing for VBIF

    Thank you, David. Here is the most recent update for our team. Feel free to ask away with any questions you may have. Take care and stay safe.
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    Vote Miguel Proulx from Stamp-IT Removed Standing for VBIF

    Thank you, Miguel. We have posted our update here for review. Please feel free to ask for any additional information there or in this thread if you require. Thank you and stay safe.
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    Vote Michael Lam from Factable Solutions Removed Standing for VBIF

    Thank you, Michael, for holding us accountable. Our most recent update is available here for your review. We humbly request your re-evaluation of our standing at your convenience. Thank you and stay safe.
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    UPDATE | 2020 Q1

    Between the new year and the end of March, VBIF continued to support the protocol through providing secure infrastructures to ensure a distributed federated set, evangelized the protocol through our podcast and social media contacts, and continued to support governance efforts to ensure a...
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    Data from April 2020 Load Test

    Big appreciation to Nate and the rest of the folks who facilitated this test. Promising results. Do we have a plan to increase the load testing?
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    Amendment Doc 002 - Administration of governance and community documents - V3.0

    I'm not seeing any discussions around this ratification. It is necessary for us to move forward in a timely manner to update our governance with the removal of the guide role. As such, I have made the motion to end the discussion early.