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  1. Benjamin Dufty

    Proposal: Objective ANO Performance Metrics and Efficiency Guidelines

    Thanks for the proposal. I like the idea of more objectiveness to assess ANOs and I think you've highlighted some good criteria. I agree with Tor, practically the best way forward is to tie it into the ANO expectation document. Collecting the data is an interesting problem - but for example...
  2. Benjamin Dufty

    Vote Benjamin Dufty from The Factoid Authority Gave Standing for HashnStore

    Hi Matthias, Thank you for the requested info, that's really great to see and I finally got to put my 4th form French into practice. :giggle:
  3. Benjamin Dufty

    Question for The Factoid Authority from David Chapman

    Thank you for the question, David. Without trying to overstate our importance or over-promise anything, we can quite honestly say that if we left the ecosystem right now it would materially impact Factom’s chance of success. To validate our answer, we point to the grant work we’re doing with the...
  4. Benjamin Dufty

    Funded [Factomatic-2] Kambani Extension Backpay

    I agree that these are absolutely the kind of grants that should be funded. Essentially zero risk and demonstrably valuable.
  5. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    I have amended support after Tor's initial vote. Seems to have worked well
  6. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    That screenshot above came from clicking on the Standing %. Unless I'm missing something? When I say tally I mean more like a table containing two columns - "support" and "no support" - with the ANOs populating them as chips so ANOs can quickly assess which ANOs support or don't support
  7. Benjamin Dufty

    ANO Standing System Beta Testing

    Suggestion - How about a tally of which ANOs support and which don't added to this screen under the first div/card
  8. Benjamin Dufty

    Current Update: The Factoid Authority's pledge status as of Q4 2019 - Jan 15, 2020

    TFA's Q4 2019 report is available here. ----------------------------------- ORIGINAL PLEDGES START ----------------------------------- -DEVELOPMENT --FactomTwitter Progress has been a bit slow as we encountered some issues with the dockerization, but Consensus Networks made some headway just...
  9. Benjamin Dufty

    Process Discussion New Exchange committee formation

    Thanks Niels. I have not been an active member for a while, especially since a third party was engaged. I won't be seeking to join the new committee.
  10. Benjamin Dufty

    Should ANOs go down to one server?

    I echo many points already raised here. IMO In order to turn this ship around, we need to: 1. Manage protocol spending (inflation) way more effectively a. Remove or redistribute rewards from ineffective ANOs b. Only fund grants that directly lead to 2. or are critical in maintaining...
  11. Benjamin Dufty

    Unawarded Development of a PegNet/Factom/FAT Mobile Wallet Android/iOS

    @Sergey Bushnyak Thanks for the explanation. I think I would be more excited personally if the focus was to get a "trading app" going for PegNet, rather than a mobile wallet at this point. But I can still see value in having access to conversions on mobile.
  12. Benjamin Dufty

    Unawarded Development of a PegNet/Factom/FAT Mobile Wallet Android/iOS

    Hi Jason, Thanks for the proposal. I'm happy to see an initiative for providing PegNet some usability and I like the idea of a one-stop shop. What I'm not so sure about is PegNet on mobile. IMO for PegNet to attract traders the wallet should be desktop-friendly primarily. Traders generally...
  13. Benjamin Dufty

    The Factoid Authority's pledge status as of Q3 2019 - Oct 14, 2019

    ----------------------------------- ORIGINAL PLEDGES START ----------------------------------- -DEVELOPMENT --Develop Factom Block Explorer with advanced features The TFA explorer has been released at as pledged. Additional to the original pledge, we have...
  14. Benjamin Dufty

    Process Discussion New ANO election/demotion process

    TFA is in support of this proposal. This is the first step towards realizing the original intent of liquid operators as written in governance. Of course, it would be preferable to have a wider voting set, but we can’t afford to wait for that. The survival of this protocol is dependent on...
  15. Benjamin Dufty

    Withdrawn [De Facto-6] Factom Wallet Mobile

    Looks really slick, Anton. But with limited resources to go around, I really find this a nice-to-have only at this stage
  16. Benjamin Dufty

    Funded [AroundTheBox-1] Develop Free Excel Add-In

    This is a cool idea, given how widespread Excel is used. I'm afraid it would be difficult to get much traction though, unless you have plans to push it in your company/industry?
  17. Benjamin Dufty

    Funded [Factom Inc.-18] Protocol Development

    Am I reading that correctly, Paul Snow is a sponsor?
  18. Benjamin Dufty

    Withdrawn [Factomize-5] Sale of the Factomize forum to the Factom Protocol

    I hope this doesn't end Factomize's involvement in the direction of the forum as it has evolved with some really cool features and become a necessary medium for the protocol. Thanks to Factomize for bringing it to where it is so far. 1. Like Anton, I also recall work being completed on lowered...
  19. Benjamin Dufty

    [TFA-001] - FAT Firmware Upgrade for Ledger Nano X/S

    Update - We have decided to swap M1 with M2, so that Luap will have updated JS libraries to integrate. M1 was originally due for last week (week 5), but we are aiming to have M2 instead delivered by end of week 6.