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  1. Alex

    Q1 2020 Report

    1. Factoshi API Work on the Factoshi stats API is well underway. It coincides with a large refactor of the Factoshi stats daemon to make it easier to add new stats to in the future (such as rich lists). An alpha version should be complete during Q2. 2. Factom.js I have made...
  2. Alex


    Factoshi will join in too.
  3. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    I also agree it's a great initiative. However, without the ability to reverse the decision, Factoshi would opt for a lower efficiency rather than take it up. The fact that it is a one-way street limits its usefulness as a cost-saving measure.
  4. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to resign and receive 5,000 FCT

    I have been giving this careful thought. If the take-up rate is at all significant then I believe it might be an excellent way to reset. I think a lot of people are quite fatigued at this point. Offering those fatigued teams an exit incentive and freeing up space for new blood is probably a very...
  5. Alex

    ANO Application

    Welcome and thanks for your application! I have a few questions. Will you have someone on call to respond to possible network instability 24/7/365? Everyone is currently running two servers, though I note you only have plans for one. Please would you clarify if that is your intention? How...
  6. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    I am worried about this too. I am left wondering whether Factoshi would be better to go to one server or to lower efficiency in order to improve cost to income ratio. The former is more cost effective for the protocol, but if it’s a one way street then the latter is a safer idea for Factoshi as...
  7. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    To be clear though, we would not be reducing ANOs, only the authority nodes themselves. This is why I am not really convinced we would be much worse off. I can see some risk to decentralisation in that ANOs with two nodes would have a louder voice (in terms of what constitutes truth) than those...
  8. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    Can you expand a little on the decentralisation risk, @Who? I'm not entirely convinced that reducing the absolute number of leaders meaningfully worsens decentralisation. There are a variety of reasons for that, including the fact that we would not reduce the number of ANOs and that we are all...
  9. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to resign and receive 5,000 FCT

    It’s a cost saving measure, like any voluntary workplace redundancy. By removing people who may wish to leave but need an incentive, we gain their ANO payments back after x months. I think the proposal is interesting. I am going to think more about it, but i am not opposed right now.
  10. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    This is actually a good point. It may be wise to standardise efficiency so that it can be compared across ANOs without knowing how many servers each ANO is running. Perhaps an ANO with only one server at 0% efficiency should still be considered a 50% ANO? Or perhaps we should compare FCT...
  11. Alex

    Proposal to allow ANOs to go down to one server if so desired

    I think this is a good idea. We don't gain much in the way of decentralisation by requiring each ANO to run two servers. The only reservation I have is how it may impact protocol stability. Honestly, I am not too concerned about that, though. I believe any drawback would likely be marginal and...
  12. Alex

    Late [Factom Inc.-21] Protocol Development

    Is this grant now complete? Can we get an update?
  13. Alex

    Vote Jason Gregoire from Kompendium Reaffirmed Standing for Factoshi

    Thanks a lot, @Jason Gregoire. I very much appreciate it!
  14. Alex

    Amendment DOC 002 administration of governance- and community documents

    Thanks for putting this up for amendment, @Crypto Logic. I have done a full review and made a few suggestions where things were overlooked. As far as I can see, it is now good to go and Factoshi will vote in favour. I strongly encourage standing parties to vote in favour of this amendment...
  15. Alex

    Ratification Doc 100 - No minimal vote threshold to become a guide fix (corrected vote)

    I believe it does not become available until 24 18 hours into the discussion.
  16. Alex

    Amendment Failed Document 107 - Factom Grant Process - v1.2

    My concern is that it prevents parties from submitting grants that may be delayed through no fault of their own. The TFA grant with Ledger is a good example of this. If TFA knew that there was a risk the grant could be held up, they might never submit it. I don't think it is fair to put that...
  17. Alex

    New Member: Abe Scholte, Product Owner from BIF/Sphereon

    Welcome, @Abe Scholte! Great to have you onboard.
  18. Alex

    Amendment Failed Document 107 - Factom Grant Process - v1.2

    Voting will start soon. I'm happy to make amendments to the document if anyone can recommend specific wording that overcomes the problems that we have discussed so far. In lieu of that, I believe the proposed changes are not ready and that the standing parties should vote against amendment.
  19. Alex

    Vote Alex from Factoshi Removed Standing for Stamp-IT

    Mig, I have been thinking about this carefully over the last few days. The fact that you have your own hardware is valuable (assuming it is a good setup, which I expect is the case). Moreover, the brainswap script is undeniably useful - I am using it myself - and I can see on GitHub that you...
  20. Alex

    Proposal to remove the Guide position

    1. They are a second standing party intended to counterbalance ANOs. 2. They have introduced the bulk of governance document ratification and amendments. I guess your question was really asking about automation though, and it's a fair point. We really wouldn't need to do that much to automate...