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  1. Jason Gregoire

    Funded [Exchange Working Group-3] Exchange Working Group Funds

    Yeah I totally get it, we all want more than we can afford - everyone has to choose. This is just my opinion and I appreciate the conversation, it doesn’t mean I’m right. I just see this choice a little differently. 1) I can approve ... A) 10 or so great investments that B) add near-, and...
  2. Jason Gregoire

    Funded [Exchange Working Group-3] Exchange Working Group Funds

    Pluto, you are obviously very passionate about this. I was considering recommending that this grant be reduced from 50k to 30k FCT to entice those of us on the fence not willing to place such risk on such a large single [aspirational] grant, but the grant proposal went in the other direction ...
  3. Jason Gregoire

    Unawarded [Kompendium-11] Factom-to-Ethereum Bridge+FCT-Staking, & FAT Core Dev

    Thank you WHO for your interesting question. The team has worked with a few companies that employed KYC services; we're generally familiar with some of the means and requirements of such solutions. We have not consulted a lawyer and don't see any legal obstacles in progressing with the project...
  4. Jason Gregoire

    Funded [Exchange Working Group-3] Exchange Working Group Funds

    Thank you for the grant submission. Asking for 42% of the entire community pool is a big gamble, and with so many good grant proposals at a time when we really need new functions and features in and on the protocol potentially means a vote for this grant carries with it HUGE opportunity cost...
  5. Jason Gregoire

    Funded [LUCIAP-2] ChockaBlock: open-sourcing and upgrade

    Tools such as this are useful and can help us be better. The price appears reasonable - but I worry more about the possible need to regularly modify this tool to work on the mainnet and testnet as the protocol evolves? Coudl you speak breifly to maiantenace requriemetnsd you've epereinced since...
  6. Jason Gregoire

    Funded [Fillip H.-Alex-Factomize-1] Sale of the Factomize forum to the Factom Protocol and coding work.

    I was totally against this idea initially since the community funded significant parts of what became proprietary software, but the price appears practical. If this site becomes a community resources,I hope we can form a working group immediately and modify many of the features we are unhappy...
  7. Jason Gregoire

    Funded [Who-6] Core and General Development

    I do agree that you have accumulated tremendous knowledge of the protocol and done important work in the past for the community. However, I believe we are in a better place in regards to core dev at this time and given scarce resources I’m willing to assume more risk and prefer to de-emphasize...
  8. Jason Gregoire

    Funded [Bedrock Solutions-De Facto-The Factoid Authority-Crypto Logic-2] Factom Open Node System

    Thanks for submitting your proposal. Is this grant to maintain the status quo, or will this provide an improvement or additional features to open node? Thank you
  9. Jason Gregoire

    Unawarded [Colin Campbell-1] FIP 2 - Distributed network restart

    A fail-proof and reliable network restart mechanism is indeed critical. The current mechanism "...web frontend that allows a user to request a restart +a cron job that will pick up & execute the restart." might be a good place to start. How can we as the leaders and stewards of the network...
  10. Jason Gregoire

    Unawarded [Kompendium-12] [BACK PAY] - Two Factom Community SDKs/Client Libraries: PHP & Ruby

    Executive Summary [BACK PAY] This is a back-pay grant proposal for two completed and released JSON-rpc client libraries for the Factom community: one for PHP, and one for Ruby. Note: both libraries have already been developed. They were originally published in January 2020 and have been...
  11. Jason Gregoire

    Unawarded [Kompendium-11] Factom-to-Ethereum Bridge+FCT-Staking, & FAT Core Dev

    Executive Summary Proposal Highlights: Factom-to-Ethereum decentralized bridge (development of) Incentivized Factom participation, FCT-Staking capability/requirement (bridge platform) Core Dev work (FAT) & further development of FAT Smart Contract functionalities This document describes...
  12. Jason Gregoire

    Kompendium Community Update: May 2020

    This is Kompendium’s monthly Community Update for May (covering activity early-to-late April) Update Summary: -Governance activities iincluded several community voting matters and community policy discussions. -ANO Outreach to establish improved cooperative lines of effort with multiple parties...
  13. Jason Gregoire

    Exchange Working Group Update

    Thank you - good detail
  14. Jason Gregoire

    Exchange Working Group Update

    1) Is this really the case; with the history here, I'd ask you to reconsider. I'm familiar with NDAs, but to not be able to mention which exchanges you are prioritizing seem too conservative and beyond any normal NDA. This what we've been told for years, let's get some names so people have an...
  15. Jason Gregoire

    Exchange Working Group Update

    Thanks for the well explained answers, Two quick follow up questions: 1) Can you say which of the exchanges you are pursuing you feel are most achievable? 2) Can you tell us how much more in funding the committee expects to need to move forward? Thanks
  16. Jason Gregoire

    Exchange Working Group Update

    Thanks for the update. Are you able to disclose total resources the committee has currently available? Discussion: The community has awarded the exchange committee multiple large to very large grants over time. I'm generalizing, but there is always some explanation of where the money went, or...
  17. Jason Gregoire

    Resignation Matters has resigned

    Good luck Keith to you and the Matters team - sorry to see you go.
  18. Jason Gregoire

    Vote WB from Factoshi Reaffirmed Standing for Kompendium

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. We have some great projects coming down the road.
  19. Jason Gregoire

    Vote Miguel Proulx from Stamp-IT Reaffirmed Standing for Kompendium

    Thank you for your vote - we believe we have a lot to offer the community and are excited for the opportunity.