Vote Alistair McLeay from RewardChain Reaffirmed Standing for Cube3


Factomize Bot

Alistair McLeay from RewardChain Reaffirmed Standing. At the time of this vote, your Standing is 97%.

Their reasoning for this vote is:
Given the extraordinarily difficult times we face globally with COVID-19, RewardChain will be providing support for all ANO's for the second quarter of 2020. We believe all ANO's have the best interests of the Protocol in mind, and we would like to show our support at this difficult time. All businesses are affected by COVID-19 in one way or another, and we believe it is important we all show solidarity in these trying times. Thank you for your contribution to the protocol, and we look forward to continuing to work to make Factom a huge success with you.
You can see how Alistair McLeay from RewardChain has historically voted for Cube3 by going here.

You are welcome to reply to this thread or contact Alistair McLeay from RewardChain privately. And please remember to keep your ANO Contributions area updated.