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Should Factom ANOs hold an AMA?

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AMA is a good way to active the community and HashQuark just finished an AMA which is Factom-focused AMA session on March 26 jointly with Camille, a quite popular blockchain KOL in China. The session was concurrently held in two WeChat groups where our senior analyst Yangyu explored 14 issues about Factom and nearly 900 people joined in. We will support this definitely.


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From the responses received already it looks very much as if the community really want to do this, which is great!

I'd value thoughts about duration and timing. Do we need about a week to publicise? Then should we run it for say three days? In the past I may have suggested we run it over a weekend but in these challenging times with a lot of people self-isolating I think that is less important.

Ideas welcome.
Maybe just run it for a week? We should all be supposed to participate not only for 2-3 days but show up to answer any lagging questions and most likely will be follow up questions etc.

we will participate too.

timing: maybe announce it in 1-2 days and start it next monday?
It looks as if around 17 ANOs want to particpate, which is great.

From the above feedback it looks as if a 1 week AMA would be appreciated.

It also seems appropriate to move reasonably quickly and as such a start on Monday 6 March is being considered.

Please have a look at the proposed AMA Reddit post and let me know if you have any concerns.

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