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Factomize Bot
This is your grant tracking thread. Below, you will find information from your original grant.

Grant Proposal

ANO / Committee
Group: DBGrow
FCT address: FA3HSuFo9Soa5ZnG82JHqyKiRi4Pw17LxPTo9AsCaFNLCGkXkgsu
FCT: 2468

Group: Canonical Ledgers
FCT address: FA2xccSAfhGm5k4tPaXF9741xkQ52drWjoJodQhpPxDxepdqasMM
FCT: 2980

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
Community Support
Questions raised by the community continue to be handled in a timely and efficient manner

Ongoing Development
Protocol continues to become more robust, secure, and efficient

Community Feedback & Contribution
Changes and suggestions arising from the community continue to be acted upon effectively. Community changes are triaged and evaluated by the Editors

Continued Operation of Community Resources
Mainnet and testnet courtesy nodes remain accessible and online at 90%+ availability. Mainnet and testnet nodes will remain up do date and be updated as required.
FAT website & email system will continue to operate with 99%+ availability

Promotion of FAT
Much of our promotional work of the protocol must stay private, as it is direct conversations with entities around using FAT in their applications.
We will continue to publicly promote FAT wherever possible though. We will attend blockchain events such as hackathons and meetups to promote the FAT and Factom ecosystems.

Continued innovation with FAT
We will continue to explore new opportunities such as DEX Systems for FAT, and integration between FAT and Pegnet

Timelines and Milestones
M1: Ongoing FAT development and ecosystem work, community support - Weeks 1-12
M2: Operation of FAT Website, Courtesy Nodes - Weeks 1-12
M3: FAT Daemon & CLI Improvements - Weeks 1-12

We understand the current limited resources within the factom ecosystem, and truly believe in the power of the tokenization and smart contract technologies we are bringing to the factom protocol and the ability of entities within the factom ecosystem to capitalize on them in the future. As such, we continue to aim for minimum viable prices.

We continue to work to minimize the ongoing expenses of FAT development, while at the same time expanding resources applied. One way that this can be done is that over time as we bring in more developers and entities using FAT for projects, they themselves act as more sets of eyes, more testers, more promoters, and even begin to submit improvements and FATIPs themselves.

2,980 FCT for Canonical Ledgers, ~7,152 USD

2,468 FCT for DBGrow, ~5,932 USD

Total FCT Request: 5,448

Equivalent to 8,903 USD @ 2.40 per FCT


Factomize Bot
@Devon Katz @Canonical Ledgers @DBGrow

Today is your grant start date! We look forward to regular updates from your team.

When you are ready for the final determination poll, first summarize the grant and self score then go to the thread tools dropdown at the top right and select "Create Final Determination Poll".

Tor Paulsen

The Factoid Authority
Hi, @DBGrow and @Canonical Ledgers.

Due to the backlog of older grants and issues with teams not properly reporting progress I am going to start asking follow up questions at an earlier time to get the dialoge going - hence this post.

You are now 1.5 months into this 3 month grant. Could you please provide an update in terms of how this grant is progressing?

PS: You have listed the completion date as February 1st. I assume this is a mistake as it is only 2 months and not 3 as stated in your application?


Core Developer
Hi @Tor Paulsen

Thanks for checking in.

I can only speak to my work for Canonical Ledgers part of this grant, which is the continued development and maintenance of the core FAT Daemon and CLI.

Recently on the FAT Discord, I announced a v1.1.0 release candidate that includes a number of improvements to the Deamon, many of which are also important to the implementation of Smart Contracts from the previous grant, which is still a work in progress.

The 1.1.0 release candidate will be made an official release sometime later this week. It includes the following improvements:

- A much faster full sync time due to improved parallelization of processing chains. Previously all chains with an EBlock in a given DBlock had to be processed before the next DBlock could be downloaded or any further processing could occur. This means that sync speed was reduced to the slowest chain. Now the DBlock scan process and all Chain processing is entirely independent and concurrent.
- A database migration framework that allows users to avoid rebuilding their databases as future releases make schema changes.
- A way to "fixup" certain database corruption issues that should never occur. The only known way for this to occur is for someone to deliberately manipulate the balances in a database. Previously this would be detected but would require the user to scrap the database and rebuild it. Now they can simply repair it. This makes sharing databases even more robust and useful as tampering is virtually impossible, and now also repairable.
- A large refactor to allow easier integration of new FAT protocols in the future.

I will continue to improve the FAT codebase through this grant period as I also finish up implementing smart contracts.

I am happy to answer any further questions about the development.

Thank you


Factomize Bot
@Devon Katz @Canonical Ledgers @DBGrow, your specified completion date has now passed. Will you please update us on the status of your grant?

If it is completed, please first summarize the grant and self score then go to the thread tools dropdown at the top right and select "Create Final Determination Poll".


Factomize Bot
@Devon Katz @Canonical Ledgers @DBGrow, it has now been 30 days since your grant was to have been completed. Will you please update us on the status of your grant?

If it is completed, please first summarize the grant and self score then go to the thread tools dropdown at the top right and select "Create Final Determination Poll".


Core Developer
Since my last comment on January 20th, I have been continuing to make small bug fixes and improvements resulting in 4 patch releases. The latest patch release, v1.1.4, which I just pushed today, addressed an unexpected bug that is a result of maintaining too many database connections open at once. More detailed technical information can be found in the commit log and current code comments.

Ultimately, like all software, there are still core improvements that need to be made for fatd to remain a robust system. However at the moment, I feel confident about the security of fatd. It has some limitations, but it is cryptographically secure.

The core intent of this grant was to support this sort of ongoing development and I feel good about the work I put in for the funding we had available. I will be putting this up for determination on Thursday. This gives a chance for DBGrow to make a final post.

Devon Katz

Hello Factom Community,

We apologize for the lack of and latency of updates on behalf of DBGrow. Despite this we and the others in this grant have consistently been improving and building upon the FAT ecosystem in accordance with this grant's success criteria.

Let's break down our progress:

Ongoing Development

  • The fat-js FAT Javascript library's dependencies have been audited and fixed as part of NPM and Github's ongoing search for and disclosure of vulnerabilities
  • Some improvements have been made to the JS library underlying the Testnet FAT Explorer to decrease latency and improve performance
Continued Operation of Community Resources

  • The FAT Website and Explorer has experienced zero known downtime
  • We have achieved around 99% uptime on our Factom Testnet FAT courtesy node (
    • There have been some small hickups due to a stall and updating versions as development servers are updated frequently
    • We have made available a HTTPS endpoint at
  • We launched and made available a Mainnet FAT courtesy node ( as of December 19th 2019.
    • Availability has been 99%+ as promised by our grant
    • Currently the default endpoint in the official 1.0 release of the FAT Wallet. Thanks Paul Bernier for your hard work!
Community Support

  • Over the course of this grant we have organically grown the size of our discord by 15 participants
  • Fielded interest from and supported inquiries from community members:
    • Marcelo Alaniz from Lexon, a company that builds and supports a human readable programming language that can generate a smart contracts for Ethereum expressed interest in code samples for FAT smart contracts. We hope they will choose to support FAT too when the time comes!
    • Sturmsee expressed interest in learning more about how contracts work, including our planned mechanisms for statefulness and how we've managed to create an insanely efficient non fungible token system (FAT-1)
    • Sergey from Kompendium expressed interest in proposing a new FAT standard according to the FATIPS system
    • @Frédéric Faye of @HashnStore is working with us to develop a lesson plan for introducing engineering students to using FAT as a smart contract platform
    • Provided some information and opinion to DeFacto on their FAT Issuance Platform grant which is up for voting in the current grant round

Promotion of FAT

Continued promotion of FAT within our business development work with the potential for very high value results.

Continued Innovation with FAT

We are continuing to think through the next evolutions of FAT smart contracts and FAT DEX. Some things that are on our mind and up for debate that the community can weigh in on:

  • Integrations between Pegnet and FAT
    • Application of FAT smart contract's to Pegnet's structure enabling some extremely powerful decentralized finance applications
    • DEX between FAT and Pegnet which would allow FAT tokens to intermingle with tokenized fiat and crypto currencies. Has applications for token sales and more
  • Decentralized Exchange
    • Between FAT tokens themselves, which would allow atomic swaps and provide liquidity between FAT tokens without relying on trusted parties or processes
    • Implementation of smart contracts allows HTLC like behavior that can allow atomic swaps between FAT, BTC, ETH and more mediated by a platform or between technologically inclined individuals

With the passing of our end date and achievement of our success criteria we are pleased to announce the completion of this grant on the side of DBGrow. Thank you to the Factom Community for approving our grant. We look forward to continuing to serve this community.
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Julian Fletcher-Taylor

Exchange Working Group
Legal Working Group
This grant is now complete, and we will be putting it up for determination.

In my opinion, this grant was fully achieved, and I will be voting it a 6 - Achieved (5.0 - 6.9) - Successful.


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The final determination poll has been created, and will be open for 5 days. Use the following rubrik when scoring:

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Total Failure (0.0 - 1.9) - Failure


Factomize Bot
The final determination poll has now closed. The final score is 5.80, with 20 total counted votes. The grant has been determined to be successful.