DBGrow Factom ObjectDB

We're excited to announce that DBGrow's Factom ObjectDB has grown up! Previously, ObjectDB only supported use as a library in NodeJS applications. ObjectDB release v0.0.3 makes ObjectDB a full blown operational database, complete with a daemon & API that allows persistence and use from any programming language or application.

This release adds many features to propel ObjectDB forward:

- A formal definition of the ObjectDB Specification to allow others to implement the standard and collaborate on ObjectDB. This new version of the library implements the standard's functionality and brings the library in line with the formal specification.

- Addition of Database Object Index Chains, a method for keeping track of the object IDs created under a database so they don't get lost. Previously this was a manual process not handled by the library.

- Caching & Persistence! Drop in replacement of the factom-js with DBGrow's factomd-cache project(which implements factom-js underneath) providing much improved performance for all object chains, especially long ones.

- Implementation of the library opens up future real-time features for the ObjectDB API (Object created, object updated, etc.)

- Daemon features. ObjectDB can be started up and will stay running and listening for new objects and object updates. While running, ObjectDB stays "hot" for better performance.

- HTTP API. A simple API supporting core functionality was created which runs on the daemon (Create, Read, Update for objects) allows access from any network connected location. ObjectDB is no longer limited to JS!

We hope these new features, organization, and direction will allow ObjectDB to be used more widely. This update focuses on making ObjectDB fit a more traditional infrastructure model, where a separate program or machine runs the database so it can be accessible from anywhere on the network. This model makes it seamless for existing services to integrate with or build off ObjectDB, without needing to be written in NodeJS.

These and future changes will be backwards compatible with older versions that require the library. We will not be deprecating the library portion of the project for the foreseeable future, as it is at the center of the application and still very useful to have as an option for those who come along.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA ANO's!

Thanks everyone!: https://github.com/DBGrow/factom-objectdb