Factom Address Questions

  • Please provide testing result: How many seconds does it take to generate 200,000 new address?
Does this mean using walletd or just creating public/private keypairs for the addresses? If it is the latter it really depends on the implementation of course. If it is the former I believe people are doing some tests.

  • How to monitor deposit to 200,000 addresses
Depends on whether walletd is used again?

Even without walletd you can query multiple addresses:

Of course you could also look at all factoid blocks if you like and get your inputs/outputs out if it yourself:

When using walletd you have these additional options:
Getting all addresses known to the wallet (walletd): https://developers.factomprotocol.org/start/factom-api-docs#all-addresses

Retrieving transactions in multiple ways:
This allows you to search for transactions based on transaction Id, address, using blockheigt ranges or just getting all transactions.

I'll let Brian, Paul or somebody else from Factom Inc comment on the best way to do it in bulk, but I would use the factoid block approach myself and match that to my addresses, as that is the solution that gives you address related info every block

  • How to migrate the tokens on several different address to one address?
Factom support adding multiple inputs and outputs to a transaction. In this case you could have multiple inputs to one output.
See https://developers.factomprotocol.org/start/factom-api-docs#add-input &

  • How does the cold wallet offline signing [work?]
Factoid transactions are similar to Bitcoin transactions, but incorporate some lessons learned from Bitcoin.

Important details are found here:

Both the Javascript and Java/Android client have support for offline signing:

For further information I suggest to get in contact with the core committee available at core@factomprotocol.org, so private communications can be setup with developers.

For more information:
The link below lists the existing clients, there is also a golang client not mentioned on the page:

Important documentation: