Late [Factom Inc.-21] Protocol Development


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Grant Proposal

User: Nolan Bauer
FCT address: FA2oecgJW3XWnXzHhQQoULmMeKC97uAgHcPd4kEowTb3csVkbDc9
FCT: 300

User: Factomatic
FCT address: FA2944TXTDQKdJDp3TLSANjgMjwK2pQnTSkzE3kQcHWKetCCphcH
FCT: 300

User: David Kuiper
FCT address: FA2FqYZPfBeRWq7fWSFEhassT5zpMQZm8jwus3yWbzeN3PZPWybm
FCT: 300

ANO / Committee
Group: Factom Inc.
FCT address: FA3LwCDE3ZdFkr9nE1Keb5JcHgwXVWpEHydshT1x2qKFdvZELVQz
FCT: 33840

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
Maintenance of MainNet - Pauses and Issues resolved
Refactor Code Development - Continued Development of refactoring

Timelines and Milestones
Various factomd releases as stable updates are developed during the grant period.
Incremental code structure updates (for future release) during the grant period.

This grant asks for $28,200 per month over 3 months totaling $84,600 for the development and support portions. Assuming a FCT price of 2.5 $/FCT would give a grant amount of 33,840 FCT for the Factom, Inc. portion.

There is also oversight on this grant being provided by the Sponsors, there is 300 FCT each for a total of 900 FCT.

The grand total for this grant comes out to 34,740 FCT.


Factom Inc.
Core Committee
Core Developer
Final Report for [Factom Inc.-21] Protocol Development grant.

The December 9 - March 9 2020 Factom, Inc. Protocol Development Grant (018) was successful and accomplished the goals set out in the beginning. Both of the metrics that were set out in the grant were met. We had no incidents in this grant period (no pauses or reboots of the network).

We can attribute this consistency both to fixes deployed over the course of the previous grant, good management of nodes by ANOs while upgrading and maintaining servers. None the less, Factom Inc. remains at ready should an issue arise, and in this Factom, Inc was fulfilling the maintenance side of the Development Grant.

Community development efforts also continued through this grant period. Weekly community developer standups helped coordinate efforts with non-Factom, Inc people. Regular attendees were Sander and Laurens from the Sphereon team, as well as Michael from Factable. Sphereon's team did transition out of the standups as they did not reapply for core development in the next round.

There were several releases during the grant period. While the releases were based on the current codebase, they included improvements that will feed into the refactored codebase.

V6.6.0 Letteret -- grants
V6.5.2 A5 -- JSON Patch
V6.5.1 A$ -- LiveFeed Release

The Sphereon team made significant progress on the livefeed API during this grant period, and integrated LiveFeed into the Wax branch (which holds our refactoring work).

The buildout of the new refactored code progressed well over the grant period. There were multiple people working on the grant over the period, exceeding the 2-3 person estimate. During the grant period, employees working on the protocol grant were Clay, Steven, Matt Y, Paul, Brian, Veena, Michael B.

Both the maintenance and the refactoring efforts were well exceeded during the grant period and our self-evaluated the performance of this grant as a 7. Thank you for your support
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