Tracking [Factom Inc.-24] Protocol Development


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Grant Proposal

User: Nolan Bauer
FCT address: FA2oecgJW3XWnXzHhQQoULmMeKC97uAgHcPd4kEowTb3csVkbDc9
FCT: 300

User: Factomatic
FCT address: FA2944TXTDQKdJDp3TLSANjgMjwK2pQnTSkzE3kQcHWKetCCphcH
FCT: 300

User: David Kuiper
FCT address: FA2FqYZPfBeRWq7fWSFEhassT5zpMQZm8jwus3yWbzeN3PZPWybm
FCT: 300

ANO / Committee
Group: Factom Inc.
FCT address: FA3LwCDE3ZdFkr9nE1Keb5JcHgwXVWpEHydshT1x2qKFdvZELVQz
FCT: 34050

Total FCT Requested

Start Date

Completion Date

Success Criteria
Maintenance of MainNet -- Pauses and Issues resolved
Refactor Code Development -- Continued Development of refactoring
Developer Support -- Continue Developer standups

Timelines and Milestones
Various factomd releases as stable updates are developed 3/9/2020 - 6/9/2020
Incremental code structure updates (for future release) 3/9/2020 - 6/9/2020

This grant asks for $22,700 per month over 3 months totaling $68,100 for the development and support portions. Assuming a FCT price of $2 / FCT would give a grant amount of 34,050 FCT for the Factom, Inc. portion.

There is also oversight on this grant being provided by the Sponsors, there is 300 FCT each for a total of 900 FCT.

The grand total for this grant comes out to 34,950 FCT.