Factomatic stepping down as a sponsor for Factom Inc. Core Dev grant

Dear all,

We hope you are well and managing with the coronavirus situation.

We wanted to let you know that after some internal discussions, we've come to the conclusion that it makes the most sense for Factomatic to step down as a sponsor for the Factom Inc. core dev grant. The reason for this is that with Factom Inc.'s reduced capacity we do not feel it is adequate to have 3 sponsors for the grant at the moment and the money going towards us as a sponsor is better spent elsewhere, even if it is a small amount.

As such, we will be stepping down as a sponsor effective immediately.

The current core development grant started on Mar 9 and we were awarded 300 FCT for the sponsor role. We will be returning the compensation in full and intend to transfer the tokens to a representative of the Exchange Committee, unless in the next 48 hours several Standing Parties express a strong disagreement with this choice. In such case, we will open a poll with all proposed options for the Standing Parties to make a decision.

Thank you,
Factomatic LLC
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With no objections being raised by the Standing Parties in the last 48 hours, we will proceed with our plan of transferring 300 FCT to the Exchange Committee.

@Anton Ilzheev contacted us in private that he will keep custody of the funds on behalf of the Committee. Anton, could you please provide the FCT address to which we should transfer the tokens?