Live feed API status

The live feed API is still in incubation stage but especially the live event export feature from factomd is functional. Work is being done in a fork branch:
('ve tagged it because we're still working on that branch)

The next task is to implement a replay feature so a specific range of blocks can be requested using a REST endpoint.

We are also working on a second layer which is basically a subscription/filter API. It is designed to run close to factomd and consumes of the event data, filters it & routes the desired events to the subscribed systems.

We have created a protobuf interface between the two, I've uploaded an example project that only dumps the live feed events from the factomd node (1st layer) to console:

For factomd there is a new section in the conf file:
EnableLiveFeedAPI                     = false
EventReceiverProtocol                 = tcp
EventReceiverAddress                  =
EventReceiverPort                     = 8040
EventFormat                           = protobuf   (protobuf or json)
MuteReplayDuringStartup               = false      (Mute replay during startup)
ResendRegistrationsOnStateChange      = false      (Resend the entire registration record for each state change rather than just a StateChange event)
ContentFilterMode                     = SendOnRegistration
        (Settings for including content in the event messages SendAlways|SendOnRegistration|SendNever; default SendOnce)
We will provide examples consumer asap.
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