Marketing WG Grant

Previous Updates

--Develop “Off-Blocks”, a suite of applications for the airline industry

Fed This: Done


--Three Testnet nodes

--Apply for position of Testnet Administrator

Fed This: Done.


--Marketing delivered by Flight Attendants

Fed This: This initiative was not moved forward due to FCT price collapsing. We hope to pick it up when funds allow.

----Produce (and translate) targeted promotional packs - list of developers/clients
----Develop relationships

-- Discuss with Senior Airline Execs regarding blockchain implementation

Fed This: Done and expanding outside of Aviation.


--Produce a monthly summary

Fed This: We have switched to Quarterly in line with other ANOs.


2 nodes: 50%
1 node: 50%

Fed This: We have lowered recently to 20%. This is to address an imbalance in rewards : contribution. Our Enterprise Grade app will be released Jan 2019 for all to see. We hope to raise efficiency back to 50% asap.

Relevant links:
- Forum Q+A
- Aggregated pledges
- Application
- Supporting documents
'Federate This' is pleased to provide an update on our activity.


1. Development Sprints.

We have reached number 32.

Each sprint is 2 weeks long. In the reporting period, these were focussed on bug fixing running up to the beta launch, fleshing out the user functions and now working on the Web portal, external signer experience, integrations and storage options.

2. DHS Work and License Agreement signed off.

As part of the DHS work with Factom, Inc. we integrated Harmony's Verifiable Credentials SDK into the Off-Blocks app. This allows us to assign W3C ID’s to users or objects e.g packages to track & trace.

Currently focussed on interoperability using W3C presentations between the cohort. This culminates in a Plugfest during April to mark the end of Phase 1.

3. Beta - Launch

We went public with our beta version of the product in early January. This gained a lot of twitter buzz, and has driven several additional business opportunities.
There were a number of bugs needed to be fixed, but we wanted to get it out there and start gaining feedback.

4. PR
  • CoinDesk - digital-signature-service
  • Crypto Ninjas – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain
  • AIthority – Off-Blocks Harnesses Factom Protocol to Launch Digital Signature Platform
  • MarTechSeries – Off-Blocks Harnesses Factom Protocol to Launch Digital Signature
  • Satoshi Nakamoto Blog – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom
    blockchain » CryptoNinjas
  • Cryptopys – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain
  • HedgeMaven – Off-Blocks launches eSignature platform on the Factom blockchain
  • de.0xzx – Off-Blocks starter die eSignature-Plattform in der Factom-Blockchain

5. Opportunities

Global Maker Challenge - Applied for a competition to bring “Peace and Justice” by bringing via free legal tools to the developing World. This is focussed on or Evidence feature of our application.

Successfully applied to the Dubai Smartpreneuer competition, coming in Summer. We are through to the Top 50, and will undergo a 4 day pitch competition, after which the Top 10 advance to the 2020 World Expo happening in Dubai later this year.

6. App Store Launch

After a couple of weeks, we moved ahead with a production version of the Off-Blocks app. This entailed fixing some ‘showstopper’ bugs before uploading to the App Store.

The main purpose of this was to allow testing by large customers. As asking non-tech users to download Testflight and do a manual distribution was proving a considerable barrier.

7. Content
Wrote a couple of blog articles to accompany our posts. These can be found on the Off-Blocks Newsroom.

Wrote and updated a Digital Signatures Presentation that we are distributing to help secure opportunities.

Making demo videos of the product to help with the sales cycles.

We raised to 50% back in December due to the low FCT price, and continue to do so to protect the grant pool.

Core Committee and Discord Moderator.

We look forward to another busy quarter.
Current Update: Marketing WG Grant