Short Statement from Exchange Committee on Bittrex User Geofencing

The Exchange Committee is acutely aware of the concerns and issues raised for the protocol by the discontinuing of FCT trading on Bittrex for US customers. Even though we have not communicated much recently to the community, we have continued to work behind the scenes to push forward FCT listings on the important exchanges. We've concluded that spending time and money on the dozens of small exchanges with little or no volume isn't worth the time and effort involved so we aren't pursuing listings outside the well-known and established exchanges. Regarding the Bittrex situation, Factom Inc. has reached out directly to them to see if there is anything that can be done to reverse the geofencing decision. We understand the community's concerns and also the frustration with how long these efforts are taking but are doing our best given the complex nature of these situations.
Thanks for the update!
Is there anything that ANO’s or general community members can do to help further the cause with the Bittrex situation?
Sorry I missed this, @DanG. Unfortunately, there's nothing right now that general community members can do. We appreciate your continued trust in this committee despite the fact that these endeavors are frustratingly opaque from the outside.