[SPHEREON-005] Factom® Badges

Factom Badges update

This is an intermediate update for the grant we were awarded in May 2019 to create Factom® Badges.

Factom® Badges are visual tokens of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationships, sharable and verifiable across the web.

Because Factom® Badges are based on an open standard (https://openbadges.org/), recipients can combine multiple badges from different Issuers to tell the complete story of their verifiable achievements—both online and offline.

The intended solution will be comprised of three parts:
  • The Issuer application will enable an Issuer to define and create badges. The Issuer will also issue a badge to a User.

  • The User application will be able to receive (open standard) badges and to store these on their own device (Smartphone; iOS and Android). The User will be able to share the badges with third parties.

  • The Validation application will be able to receive badges and read the embedded data. The Receiver will be able to verify who issued the badge and that it was issued to the User.

The first sprints we dived further in researching this and evaluating possible approaches. We discovered that OpenBadges solution Badgr (https://badgr.org/) is pretty far along and complete and would serve a good basis for our proposed solution.

We started by creating an issuance application for Factom badges, this is the application that can be used by the school to issue badges to their students.

Badges can be issued to an email, URL or phone number. For now, we can intercept the badge before it is sent to a user. The next step is to be able to send an issuance request (unbaked badge) to the student. When a student confirms an issuance request, the badge will get “baked” (=created) and is registered on the Factom blockchain. When this step is completed the baked badge gets send to the student.

For the student we are currently creating a rudimentary mobile application where badges can be collected and kept.

We started on the user registration and logging in to the app. There will be separate roles for students and their caregivers respectively. Currently we are working on the main screens, one with an overview to see the issuance requests, a page that shows all badges that have been received and a detail page to view badges.

The next steps will be to actually bake and receive badges.
The Factom Badges project is part of a bigger project on national and EU level and has been progressing slowly.

We have created a basic prototype that currently is being used to present as a proof of technology to different stakeholders – schools, students, employers and regulators – in order to collect feedback. This is an important step, but obviously takes time, more time than anticipated.

We have an educational institute, a larger group of schools for young adults (somewhat comparable to a group of high schools) that wants to run a pilot with this solution. They are currently looking for a budget to improve the UX/UI of the Apps.

Based on the feedback we’ll refactor the App and finish the APIs for creating and managing these OpenBadges based Factom Badges.

We expect to share the results of this with the community in the next month.