Stake Capital

Hi all,

We are excited to announce our candidature to become a Factom Authority Node Operator.

At Stake Capital, our mission is two-fold:
  1. Secure decentralised protocols
  2. Contribute to the protocols we support
Secure the Network
Our first mission is to secure the networks we support, and we have assembled the best infrastructure to do so.

From integrating hardware security module (HSM) support directly into our Tier 3+ servers, to deploying cloud based sentry nodes across the globe to ensure uptime and minimise latency, we do not compromise on security or reliability.

We have partnered with BSO, an award-winning Ethernet network, Cloud and Hosting provider. BSO provides dedicated and secure connectivity to our HSM-enabled servers for maximum security. In addition, we are working with two leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud) to provide optimal reliability.

Our technical team has extensive experience running highly available and secure mining and staking operations: starting with data center mining operations for Bitcoin from 2010, Monero & Ethereum from 2015, we now running Tezos, Loom, Livepeer and Cosmos validation services with a perfect uptime record. Furthermore, we were the winner of the Cosmos Game of Stakes (a 2+ month long adversarial testnet) with a 100% uptime record.

Our CEO Julien Bouteloup and Lead Engineer Leopold Joy will lead the infrastructure on Factom, with support from the rest of the team.

Contribute to the Network
Our second mission is to contribute to the networks we support, and it is a core part of our strategy to use some of our revenues to develop open source tools and educational content for Factom.

We have an active presence online (Twitter, Medium, Telegram, ...) where we will be publishing tutorials on Factom.

We are a team of open source developers and we have been building tools for the community. For example, we are live on Livepeer and have developed an open source live streaming/tipping platform. As ANO, we intend to support Factom either through participation in ongoing development or by introducing new tools and applications on Factom.

Finally, we intend to contribute through active participation in the governance of Factom.

Closing thoughts

We have a strong expertise in running highly reliable validation services which we think makes us fully equipped to support the Factom protocol. We want to have a sustained, positive impact on the network, and we are looking forward to becoming an Authorise Node Operator.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them.

The Stake Capital Team